Classes (without Gi)

No Gi and Grappling

To be a complete BJJ practitioner, you should train in both Gi and No-Gi.  Usually if you start training in majority without the Gi, then you will have a much harder time adapting to the Gi. The Gi in some ways is more complex with all the grips but No Gi has many other aspects which are not found in the Gi (for ex: more brabo chokes, guillotines, footlocks than in the Gi).

At No Gi classes people often choose to wear rash guards and t-shirts for the upper body, while opting for spats, shorts, or even Gi pants for the lower body.

In traditional BJJ with the Gi, you are able to grab your partner’s belt, lapel, pants, and gi jacket. Basically, anything your opponent is wearing is fair game to grab and tug them around with. Grabbing your partner’s uniform allows you different variations of chokes and controls.

In No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, you cannot grab any part of your opponent’s uniform and it is often very hard to get a hold anything on someone including arms, neck and legs of someone especially if you or your opponent is sweating.

Because no-gi practitioners aren’t allowed to grab their opponent’s uniform, chokes and control positions rely heavily on clinching and overhooking.

Where you would grab your opponent’s Gi lapel to break their posture, you can instead look to clinch your opponent’s neck and use an overhook on one of their arms. Where you would grab your opponent’s sleeves or Gi pants to control them, you can look to grip their ankles or wrists for control. Finally, where you would use your opponent’s lapel to establish a choke, you can look to utilize your arms to realize chokes.

No Gi Rules

Most No Gi tournaments have slightly different rules from Gi. IBJJF rules do not allow heel hooks for Gi and ADCC (biggest No Gi tournament) allows them.

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