Announcing the Ninja of the Month Club !

kids jiu jitsu in Port Orange

Ralph Gracie Florida BJJ is proud to announce a new program we have for kids.

Ninja of the Month

Starting  in April 2019, the Ninja of the Month Club recognizes BJJ Students who exhibit the following key traits:

  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Courage
  • Physical Fitness

This month we have two winners:

kids jiu jitsu in Port Orange
Cali – Ninja of the Month
kids jiu jitsu in Port Orange
Billy – Ninja of the Month

Old fashioned values like respect and self-discipline, seems to have been forgotten, replaced by the dreaded “bling bling” pop culture of today.

Martial Arts training, from Ninja Turtles to The Karate Kid, you and your kids have all seen the flying kicks, battle cries and mighty chops of their favorite TV characters. As they beat the bad guys into submission, you may ask, how on earth can these acts of violence teach my child anything worthwhile? First, know that what you see on television (save perhaps the Karate Kid) is a far cry from what real martial arts are all about.

The fact is, martial arts training is based on non-violence. Originating in Asia (mainly Japan, China and Korea, although Thailand and Vietnam have their own practices as well), martial arts range from a variety of types and styles, all of which are based on well-rounded, moral teachings. The beauty of learning martial arts is that it encompasses not just the physical aspect of the “sport”, but mental and emotional lessons as well.

Comparing that to other kid’s activities and sports, where fierce competitiveness and “winning at all costs” seems to be the order of the day, it’s not surprising that many children grapple with issues of self-esteem and misplaced aggression. Now imagine your child actually learning valuable life lessons, skills that he will take throughout life, laying the foundation for a happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled adult life.

Kung-Fu Master or Ninja Warrior? Before you sign up Junior for the first martial arts class you see, take some time to check out the different methods available, and match it with what you know would suit your child best. This is a good way to avoid any problems that may sprout from a conflict of your child’s personality and the training techniques.

Choosing The Right Instruction if you have an idea of the type of martial arts class you’d like your child to participate in, the next step would be to find the right school. Finding the right class that not only matches your child’s and your needs, in terms of teachers you feel comfortable with, the price, facilities and so on, are all important factors. Say you’ve found a local place that specializes in kids jiu jitsu in Port Orange, that’s only the start. Interviewing and visiting with the instructor(s) and letting your child try a class or two would probably be best.

For more information on kids jiu jitsu in Port Orange Florida and how your little one can be the Ninja of the month, click here.

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